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One of the specialty services that AAA Professional Service Company offers is tile & grout cleaning. This is a service that is necessary if you want to have your tile as clean as can be and your grout clean and sealed to protect it from spills and stains. If you want your tile looking its best using a professional service to do the cleaning is the best way to go. Cleaning your own tile and grout is an arduous task that is not only labor intensive but can also take a serious amount of time out of your day. AAA Professional Service Company has the tools and the knowledge to clean the tile and grout with expertise leaving it looking its very best. We are able to help save you time and allow you to use that time towards other tasks around your home!

Save The Quality Of Tile & Grout: Tile can be damaged over time if acidic or dark colored spills are left to sit. They need to be cleaned in a regular basis to ensure that they are left looking their best and the tile will last the amount of time it was intended. The grout is more susceptible to damage and because it is in a groove on the floor it will collect more dirt and spills that will sit on the spot longer than the tile itself. If the grout is damaged and pieces begin to come out you are now leaving your floors susceptible to water damage that can then lead to mold and mildew. AAA Professional Service Company take care of the grout cleaning is a great way to keep the grout intact and sealed so that the stains and spills are less likely to soak in.


  • Moving of Furniture/Room Contents
  • Pre- Vacuuming
  • Treatment of Difficult Spots/Stains
  • Application of Tile/Grout Cleaning Solutions
  • Rinsing/Vacuuming with High Pressure,  S-X 12″ Tile Cleaning Machine
  • Speed Drying
  • Application of Sealer, If Desired